Rochford Shotokan : 2002 Annual Club Competition

With over 50 entrants of all ages and grades, the competition was one of the best attended in the club's history, and after a day's keenly contested events, prizes were awarded to all top-placed contestants.

Sensei Robert Bertie was joined by Senseis John Bertie from Canada, John Richardson from Ireland, as well as past members and instructors Alan Rogers, Rudolf (Junior) Bertie and Adam Bailey who gave assistance with the judging throughout the day.

Prizewinners, who each received a commemorative 20th anniversary trophy, were as follows:


Senior Kumite 1st-2nd Dan
1st : Sheldon Morgan
2nd : Kavan Storr
3rd : Rishi Verma

Senior Kumite 9th-1st Kyu
1st : John Whittingham
2nd : Steve Warren

Senior Female Kumite
1st : Iysha Stanley

Senior Kata 1st-2nd Dan
1st : Rishi Verma
2nd : Sheldon Morgan
3rd : Kavan Storr

Senior Kata 9th-1st Kyu
1st : John Whittingham
2nd : Mick Brown



Junior Kumite 1st - 2nd Dan
1st : Daniel Alamassi
2nd : Curtis Gumbs
3rd : Rohan Verma

Junior Kumite 5th-1st Kyu
1st : Anthony O'Brien
2nd : Thomas Crowther

Junior Kumite 5th-1st Kyu
1st : Kirkpal Benawra
2nd : Lee Attard
3rd : Ragdeep Bassi

Junior Kumite 5th-4th Kyu
1st : Aparna Sekhar
2nd : Cameron McRoberts

Junior Kumite 8th-6th Kyu
1st : Callum Hodge Fleming
2nd : Robert O'Brien

Junior Kumite 9th-5th Kyu
1st : Henry Bradley
2nd : Ibby Azab
3rd : Sachin Modgil
4th : Gurdeep Hans

Junior Kata 1st-2nd Dan
1st : Alex Boweren
2nd : Aysha Stanley
3rd : Daniel Alamassi

Junior Kata 3rd-1st Kyu
1st : Kirkpal Benawra
2nd : Suraj Jheringer
3rd : Hardeep Bhanndal

Junior Kata 6th-4th Kyu
1st : Cameron McRoberts
2nd : Aparna Sekhar
3rd : Piers McLaren

Junior Kata 9th-7th Kyu
1st : Allen Hart
2nd : George Howard
3rd : Callum Fleming Hodge


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