Rochford Shotokan : June 2005 News
Publisher: R A Bertie

Second Grading

The second Grading will be held at Rochfords Dojo on Sunday July 24th from and finish at 11.30am. The grading will be taken by Sensei Bob Poynton 6th Dan. Grading forms will be distributed shortly, would all students ensure that their KUGB Licence are up to date and their annual membership to the club has been paid for 2005. Please get in touch if you are unsure, as you will not be able to grade until both have been updated.

The Squad

Congratulations go to all the squad members who took part and kept the high standard of our Club. In the National and the Youth Championships, Piers Mclaren gave an outstanding display of Ippon Kumite, and picked up the Silver Medal for Rochfords in the Nationals and the Bronze as did Aqeel in the Youth Championships.

A special mention to Dave lee who captained Rochfords team Kumite and on this occasion proved why He was the captain, he had three extension against the same opponent, normally only two extensions are allowed but such was the importance of the fight the referees had a tough decision to make and decided to have a third extension, although Dave was not successful on the day He showed his credentials and took the other team to the wire and only loosing out on the referees decision against him.

Ice Cold

Richard having made it to the finals had to be satisfied with joint Bronze place and sit and nurse his injured hand with an ice pack, from an injury sustained earlier, in the competition. Miles scored with another ippon technique with a blistering roundhouse Kick to the head of his opponent. Dan continues to improve, to date this was his very best performance.

Well done.


Competition winners were:

Silver medalists: Piers Mclaren.

Bronze Positions: Richard Bertie, Piers Mclaren, Aqeel Gumbs.

Breaking news

Well done to Karan who has gained His Shodan (Black Belt) congratulations.

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