Rochford Shotokan : March 2006 News
Publisher: R A Bertie

First Grading

The first grading in 2006 will be held at Rochfords by Sensei R.A.Bertie on Sunday 2nd April from 10.00 am to 11.30 am.

Please note you will need the new Record and grading book as shown below to take part also ensure you have singed where applicable and insert a passport photo.

Please note the new licence and record book will continue on from your last recorded grading.

This is the second time in Rochfords history that we have won the Southern Regions Championships.

The first time was in 2004, we now have to go after The National crown. I have no doubt with Hard and dedicated training it is Possible.

Southern Regions "Rochfords A Team Kumite Winners"

Daniel was 'on fire' at the Southern Regions and is producing the form and techniques I always new he was capable of. Dan has earned his place in the 'A' team, long may it continue.

Richard anchored the team and fought like a Captain. Miles kept things tight and brought home the Gold. Well done men. One of Rochfords Rising Star and new to the Club, Paul, on his first Competition fought with passion and great enthusiasm to win a Silver medal. Another star at the Southern Region was Callum who made it look so easy I don't think he broke sweat on his way to the gold.

All Rochfords finals

The two juniors fought it out for gold and silver in the 10-11 category on this occasion Karan had the Superior techniques and came away with the gold leaving the way clear for Piers to pickup the Silver.

Well done Rochfords Squad

Competition winners were:

Gold medalists: Daniel Charles, Richard Bertie, Miles Stovold. Callum Hodge, Karan Dhall

Silver medalists: Paul Berry, Amina Kasar, Richard Bertie, Daniel Charles, Piers Mclaren.

Bronze medalists: Rohan Verma, Amina Kasar

Easter Break

The club will close over the Easter from Friday 14th to Monday 17th April return on Wednesday 19th of April. If you have any questions or are unclear of any items in this news letter please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It is time for our Annual subscriptions which will cover the new grading record and insurance book.

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