Rochford Shotokan Karate Terminology : Training Terms

Kata Names

NOTE : Kata with 'lesser' (Sho) or 'greater' (Dai) attached don't actually mean 'lesser' or 'greater' - this is just a way of distinguishing two different kata.

Advanced (Black Belt) Kata

Chinte - Rare/Extraordinary Hands

Gankaku - Crane/bird on a rock

Gojuushiho Sho - Fifty-four steps - lesser (version)

Heian - Peaceful mind

Ji'in - Bhuddist temple name; Compassion and Shadow

Kanku Dai - Observe the sky/emptiness - greater version

Meikyo - Bright Mirror

Shorei Kata - Light and quick; emphasizing agility and speed

Sochin - To keep the peace; Strength and Control

Unsu - Cloud Hands

Empi - Flight of the Swallow

Gojuushiho Dai - Fifty-four steps - greater (version)

Hangetsu - Crescent or Half Moon

Jion - Bhuddist temple name; Compassion and Favour

Jitte - Ten Hands

Kanku Sho - Observe the sky/emptiness - lesser version

Nijushiho - Twenty-four steps

Shorin Kata - Slow, hard, and strong; emphasizing strength

Taikyoku - First Cause

Wankan - Kings Crown

Heian (Stable and secure)

Heian Shodan - First Level

Heian Nidan - Second Level

Heian Sandan - Third Level

Heian Yondan - Fourth Level

Heian Godan - Fifth Level

Bassai (Storm the Fortress)

Bassai Dai - Greater Version

Bassai Sho - Lesser Version


Tekki (Iron Horseman)

Tekki Shodan - First Level

Tekki Nidan - Second Level

Tekki Sandan - Third Level

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