Rochford Shotokan Karate Terminology : Training Terms

Kumite Terminology

(Aka/Shiro) No Kachi - (R/W) Victorious

Ai-Uchi - Simultaneous scoring technique, no point awarded to either. Referee brings fists together in front of chest

Atenai Yoni - Warning without penalty; referee raises 1 hand in fist with other hand covering it at chest level and shows it to offender.

Chui - Warning

Fukushin Shugo - Judges conference

Hansoku - Foul - imposed following serious infraction, opponents score is raised to sanbon.

Hansoku-Make - Lose by disqualification

Hantei Kachi - Winner by decision

Ippon - Full point

Jikan - Time

Jogai Keikoku - Exit from fighting area. Waza-ari penalty given to opponent.

Mienai - A call by a judge to indicate that a technique was not visible from his/her angle.

Mumobi Keikoku - Warning with waza-ari penalty.

Sanbon Shobu Hajime - Start the Match

Shido - Light warning

Shiro - White

Start the Match - Judges called. Referee beckons with arms to the judges.

Tsuzukete Hajime - Resume fighting. Referee steps back into zenkutsu dachi and brings palms of hands toward each other

Wazari - Half point

Aite - Opponent

Aka - Red

Atoshi Baraku - An audible signal given by time keeper 30 seconds before actual end of bout.

Encho-Sen - Extension; after a draw, the match goes into overtime.

Fusen-Gachi - Victory by default

Hansoku Chui - Warning with an ippon penalty, ippon added to opponents score.

Hantei - Judges' decision. Rendered by judges' flag signal after referee blows his whistle.

Hikiwake - Draw: referee crosses arms over chest, then uncrosses and holds arms out from the body with the palms showing upwards.

Ippon Shobu - One point match; used in tournaments

Jogai - Out of Bounds; Referee points with index finger at a 45° angle to the area boundary on the side of the offender.

Keikoku - Severe warning; penalty of Waza-ari imposed for which a warning has previously been given. Referee points index finger to feet of offender.

Mumobi - Warning for lack of regard for one’s own safety. Referee points 1 index finger in the air at a 60° angle on side of offender.

Sanbon Shobu - Three point Match

Shiai-Jo - Ring (size = 8-10 meters square)

Shikkaku - Disqualification; opponents score raised to sanbon.

Shobu Hajime - Start the Match

Toranai - No point

Uchi-Majiri - Brawl (melee)

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